The CFA mock exams require intense concentration and dedication to your studies in order to achieve the mean score required in order to receive your certification after the exam. This is made possible by various materials that are made available in different platforms for use by candidates who plan to take part in these exams. To prepare for the exams, students start doing their studies even months before the exams are due. This helps them create a good mindset and familiarize themselves with the necessary skills and understanding to successfully and correctly answer all the answers correct. This means they need a wide range of study materials which are made available in different places, libraries, online and even on certain applications on the phone.



For preparation, mock exams are available for use by students preparing for the exams. The CFA provides different classes of exams before availing the main exams in order to assist students mentally in the preparation of these exams. These exams they provide have simple sample questions in the available topics to help the students grasp the full feel of the exams and prepare them mentally for the stress involved in the exams. Before the main exams, a mock exam is provided to the students. However, before the mock exams, there are test exams that are availed before the mock exams. These test exams are not set up as the main exams are set up. They are shorter which means that they have fewer questions as compared to the mock and main exams. The previous exams can be acquired from different places such as online websites, or even at the Chartered Financial Analysts Institute.


Why take up mock exams?

CFA mock exams come after these test exams. They can be accessed from the school or as PDFs online on different sites. However, unlike the test exams, the mock exams are provided the same way the main exam is set up. This means that there is the same number of questions as the actual exam. The time you get per question is also the same in the mock exam as in the main exam. This is to mentally prepare the students for the main exam equipping with experience in the exams so that they will know what to expect in the actual exam in regards to complexity and time usage.

CFA mock exams are availed for any students who are willing to take part in them and prepare their minds and evaluate their progress. These exams are free of charge to anyone who wishes to take them. Students are highly advised to take part in these exams and determine their progress.

After the main exam is done, the Chartered Financial Analysts Institute provides the result and the correct answers for those exams. These answers are also accompanied by short detailed statements explaining them.

Beside these exams, other platforms provide question banks for students to take part in and improve their understanding of the course while at the same time familiarizing themselves with the questions set up and their complexity.


What is a difference between the CFA and the FRM?


This is the common question that a lot of students have. Degrees of CFA, MBA, or FRM need to get looked at the compliments instead competing with one another. The CFA teaches you inside, and out of finance, the MBA finance generally teaches you to link financial aspect with overall business management. FRM is the designation that is dedicated to the risk management. This gives the candidate the good perspective on credit, operational as well as market risk aspect of the business. Many students today have taken 3 designations. The students from non-finance background generally can use CFA degree in order to come on par with the students from finance background during the MBA course. Perception issue that many engineers lack the financial knowledge also can be altered just after pursuing the CFA course.

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