Fur is a non-conductor of heat and therefore serves as an excellent insulator. It is most suitable for use as clothing in cold arctic regions of Russia. During winter, the atmospheric temperature drops so low that it tends to become freezing. People resort to various alternatives to warm up themselves in such conditions. Such alternatives might include burning fireplaces and using artificial heaters. However, these can only serve the heating purposes in the home and cannot warm you up outside the house. Nonetheless, with clothing made of fur, you can keep warm throughout the day irrespective of the extremity of the weather.

There is no shortage of fur hat manufacturers in Russia, however, the need for top quality hats cannot be overstated. You can find a number of inferior, substandard and below quality fur clothing and hats in the market but those who need top quality products go to Arctic Store. You will find a wide selection of original Russian winter hats of various brands and types. These hats are produced with the latest quality and standard. Thus, they are the best kind of hat to reckon with for wading off cold and for fashion purposes.

Arctic Store stocks virtually every kind of Russian hats you can think about. If the hat type exists, surely, you will find it in Arctic Store. The Russian winter hats you can find here range from shapka and original ushanka to eskimoska and fur wig. These hats occur in diverse styles and are made to look highly fashionable. The original ushanka provided here is simply fur trapper hat with ear flaps. This fur hats is one of a kind and the best place to find the original and premium quality ushanka is the Arctic Store.

Shapka is indeed a classical Russian fur winter hat with exceptional feature. This hat is indeed fashionable and if you are looking out for a hat that would serve your fashion need, then shapka is surely the right way to go. Many people opt in for eskimoska owing to its elegance. This is a fur covering for the head which has tails. It is most suitable in the arctic and can go a long way to wade off cold. Whether you want Naval officer hat, Cossack hat, Russian tsar hat and so forth, the best place to go for it is Arctic Store.

One of the major uses of fur hoods and clothing is fashion. Fashion fur hats available in Arctic Store are best for their embellishment and decorative purposes. These hats can amazingly embellish you and make you to look quite exceptional. Those who want to achieve the best result in fashion and decoration turn to no other place than Arctic Store. They are produced with original and premium quality materials and thus if you are looking for top quality materials, there is no better place to be. Do not give heed to some sellers who offer you unsolicited requests to purchase their substandard and cheap fur winter hats.


The benefits of original and top quality hats and fur clothing can never be overstated. Firstly, original hats will last longer than fake and inferior ones. In other words, you can make the most of them for fashion and insulation purposes as long as possible. You can find highly fashionable and original hats in the Arctic Store platform. Take your time and go through the catalogue of hats, jackets, collars, muffs, headbands and so forth of different types in the platform. You can shop by colour here as there are assorted colours in this platform. Using fur clothing to keep yourself warm is a sure way to stay healthy for many years to come. Wonderful shipping services are offered to you here to your destination round the world.

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