Want to study your electives abroad?  Gap Medics has programs in countries like:  Croatia, Dominican Republic, Poland, Tanzania, and Thailand which will meet your requirements.

Their structured, overseas nursing placements let you shadow and learn invaluable nursing skills from qualified professionals in Tanzania, Croatia and Thailand.

Obtaining meaningful nursing experience while studying your electives abroad can be a challenge.  As well as providing global health tutorials, Gap Medics  extensive programs give you a unique edge when applying to university or progressing your nursing career.

Gap Medics choose talented mentors from across their partner hospitals that are committed to developing your clinical skills.  During your time at the hospital, you will get the chance to work and learn about a variety of specialist departments, from outpatient to obstetrics and gynecology while studying your electives abroad.

Your Personal Nursing Mentor

Your personal mentor is there to share their skills and offer you insight into hospital life.  They will immediately involve you in all practical aspects of patient care as you observe procedures and learn about interesting cases and conditions.

Hospital Shadowing

The core of any Gap Medics placement is the chance to shadow doctors and other health care professionals on the front line of patient care.  You will spend each week in a different department, mentored by an expert in that particular field.

You’ll spend at least 23 hours per week shadowing doctors and observing procedures each day.  On top of this, there will be opportunities to attend departmental meetings to discuss patients’ progress and more:

.  Clinical shadowing

.  Established hospital partnerships

.  Varied specialist departments

.  Learn more about tropical medicine

Your placement is the Gap Medics program will include:

.  Hospital work experience

.  Shadowing nurses

.  Personal mentors

.  Small student groups

.  Global health tutorials

.  Exclusive housing

.  In-house catering

.  24/7 In-Country support

Gap Medics placements are available every week of the year, perfect if you are considering traveling for longer or need to fit your electives abroad around work commitments.  Get out of your comfort zone and have the adventure of a lifetime with Gap Medics.  We combine beneficial and unrivaled experience in an international health care setting with the unique chance to immerse yourself in another culture, where you can make friends from around the globe.

Social Work

Volunteer while you study your electives abroad and take part in social work abroad to help many people in desperate need.  As a social work volunteer you will mainly focus on social welfare policy and social work practice in underdeveloped countries, leading to a deeper understanding of an otherwise unknown part of the world.

As a social work volunteer you could be involved in defining social and economic issues, hinging development in the native area and aiding in creating strategies to combat major issues such as homelessness, hunger, medical care, education and more.  Some programs include fundraising and organizing events to raise awareness of current living conditions for the local people.  Day to day activities include care work with neglected children, giving community classes focusing on safe sex, educating about the spread of diseases and more.

Top destinations for social work programs abroad include Chile, Ghana, Ecuador and India, and they are desperate for social work volunteers to assist them with their research and implement their findings.

Safety and Support

Gap Medics sends thousands of students overseas every year.  Their service is designed to ensure that you have a safe, educational and memorable trip.

They select their countries for their safety and positive attitude towards visitors.  Programs are located in small towns and friendly cities, with low crime rates.  You will stay at their very own private Gap Medics house, which provides a safe, secure and friendly environment.

Gap Medics

Gap Medics provides international medical work experience for school and university students.  Shadow doctors, nurses, midwifes, etc., for 1-8 weeks, all year around.

If you are interested in international hospital work experience in medicine, nursing, midwifery, etc., Gap Medics can help.

They provide year round medical work placements to students from all over the world.  Their programs in Tanzania, Croatia and Thailand provide extensive insight into the world of health care and are a great addition to your personal statement and university admission interview.

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