A relaunch of a Farnham Road chicken shop which is aiming to provide a healthier alternative to fried chicken was attended by Slough’s mayor last week.

Griller’s Peri Peri, which first opened in November 2016, has introduced a new item to its menu called ‘fried style chicken without frying’.

“It tastes like fried chicken and it looks like fried chicken but it’s not actually fried,” said owner Muhammed Waheed.

The alternative poultry dish is baked and steamed in order to give it similar moisture to if it had been fried.

“This is a healthier option for the fried chicken lovers,” he added, claiming that his restaurant is the first in Slough to offer it.

The relaunch is centred around serving healthier food than previously.

It was attended by the Mayor of Slough Cllr Ishrat Shah and Slough Borough councillors Shafiq Chaudhry and Fiza Matloob.

Other special guests included Pakistani singers Rafaqat Ali Khan and Raja Kashif.

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