The new Saybons menu has plenty of options for a quick and wholesome meal.

The new Saybons menu features tasty soups, crepes, galettes and risottos. Photo: Saybons

Hands up if you remember Saybons as the little soup and crepe kiosk in the basement of Plaza Singapura.

It’s been 10 years since this French-style eatery set up shop. Besides Plaza Singapura, Saybons has outlets in Junction 8 (50-seater) and OUE Downtown (30-seater). It also has kiosks at KK Women’s Hospital and ACS International School. Another kiosk is due to open at Mount Alvernia Hospital.

To celebrate their 10th anniversary, Saybons has expanded their menu to include a new range of soups, crepes, risottos and salads. Some are available for a limited period, from now till January 31, 2018, though a Saybons spokesperson shared that the items might remain on the menu if they are well-received by the public. (We certainly support that.)

Also new are the takeaway items: single-serving soups as well as pasta and risotto packs that are made for reheating.

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Over the years, Saybons has built a reputation for serving up fast and healthy food at very reasonable prices. In fact, it’s one of those rare eateries that actually prove that fast and healthy and affordable can co-exist.

Says the Le Cordon Bleu-trained chef-owner Daphane Loke: “Saybons was started with the objective of making French food more affordable and accessible to everyone. No more exorbitant ‘ambience’ charges or three-hour long meals. Just good and affordable classic dishes using the best of French culinary techniques and the freshest ingredients.”

Apart from being the founder and executive chef of Saybons, Daphane is also a certified nutritionist.

We know what you’re thinking: How can soup and crepe be filling enough for a meal? Well, we weren’t entirely convinced, until we lunched at Saybons and found ourselves satiated to the point that we forgot about our 4pm snack cravings – for that day, at least.

Going by the positive after-effect, we will surely be eating at Saybons more often. Here are the items worth trying.

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10 Years in Shots Soup ($10)


10 Years in Shots ($10) was created to commemorate Saybons’ 10th anniversary. Photo: Saybons

Available till Jan 31, 2018

Even if you’re not a soup person, this is worth ordering simply for the experience (and pretty pictures). Ten different flavours of soup are served in shot cups, so you get to sample a little of each. Perfect for the fickle-minded! The cheerful colours will make you want to devour each shot, which is about 50ml. Saybons recommends that customers drink the soups in order of richness, starting with the lightest tasting.

1. Cauliflower
2. Potato Leek
3. Carrot Coriander
4. Golden Pumpkin
5. Wild Mushroom
6. Tomato
7. Watercress Chicken
8. Red Capsicum
9. Broccoli Cheddar
10. Seafood Bisque


10 Years in Shots ($10). Photo: Saybons

This method of serving soup is ingenious. You won’t feel jelak, and at the same time, you get to satisfy your curious palette. Honestly, every flavour was delish and we can’t decide on a favourite.

Beetroot Crepe with Sous Vide Chicken ($6.90)


Beetroot Crepe with Sous Vide Chicken ($6.90). Photo: Saybons

Available till Jan 31, 2018

Every ingredient in this savoury crepe sounds perfect. The chicken breast is seasoned with herbs and spices and sous vide at 68 deg C for the ideal tenderness. Made from fresh wheat flour, milk and eggs, the crepe is tinted with natural beetroot juice to achieve a subtle pink, and then layered with baby spinach, Gouda cheese, pine nuts and a drizzle of pesto sauce.

When we had this, the chicken was a tad dry, and the crepe had a strong peppery taste. Pepper fans will love it.

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Norwegian Salmon Aurora Galette ($14.90)


Norwegian Salmon Aurora Galette ($14.90). Photo: Saybons

This looks just like a crepe, except that it’s called a galette (pronounced as gah-let).

Daphane explains: “A crepe is made purely from wheat flour, while a galette uses a mixture of buckwheat and wheat flour. This gives it a denser texture and nuttier nuance.”

In this dish, the galette is filled with gouda cheese and topped with slices of smoked Norwegian salmon and mounds of cooked salmon mixed with mayonnaise. The garnish of rocket leaves and red onion slices lends a nice bite and extra fibre.

It doesn’t look like much, but this salmon galette is creamy, crunchy and surprisingly filling as a main course.

Seafood Risotto ($17.90)


Seafood Risotto ($17.90). Photo: Saybons

Available till Jan 31, 2018

Want more protein? Order this generous bowl of risotto that’s cooked in a seafood broth and topped with prawns, mussels, salmon and baby spinach. There’s even a wobbly onsen egg to meet our #eggporn desire. Mix it into the Arborio rice for extra creaminess.

French Onion Soup v.10 ($8)


French Onion Soup v.10 ($8). Photo: Saybons

Available till Jan 31, 2018

What’s French food without French onion soup? Make space for this one at Saybons.

It’s done according to a winning formula that Daphane discovered after 10 versions (hence the v.10 in the name). First, a mixture of white and yellow onions are perfectly sautéed in butter. Then, it’s heated carefully over slow fire for up to two hours. A rich beef broth is added to bring out the flavours. The soup is served with a toasted slice of crusty French bread with Gruyere cheese.

While this soup is yummy, we think it would do better with added herbs like thyme for aroma.

Escargot Gratin with 3 Cheeses ($11 for six)


Escargot Gratin with 3 Cheeses ($11 for six). Photo: Saybons

Available till Jan 31, 2018

This escargot dish is a must-have if you love cheese. Each escargot is seasoned and filled with butter and three types of cheeses – blue, Gruyere and Gouda – before being baked till the cheeses turn gooey and so heavenly.

The dish is served with crusty French bread, but we suggest skipping it to save carbs. Just savour the absolutely cheesy escargots, and think about how to work off the calories later. As this is one of the most indulgent dishes at Saybons, you’re better off sharing it.

Rum & Raisin Flambeed Crepe ($9)


Rum & Raisin Flambeed Crepe ($9). Photo: Saybons

Available till Jan 31, 2018

If you must end your meal with something sweet, go for this sweet crepe. It’s filled with banana slices, toasted almond slivers, and plump golden raisins that are soaked in Myers’s Rum for 18 days. The crepe is lightly drizzled with rum, briefly torched to caramelise the bananas, and served with a huge dollop of vanilla ice cream. Definitely order this to share.

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Takeaway soups (from $4.90 for single serve to $12.90 for family pack)


Saybons Ready Meal Packs (single serve). Photo: Saybons

Looking for a quick lunch or snack? Grab one of the single-serving soups (250g each) and heat it up at home or in the office. They are packed in travel-friendly microwaveable containers.

The soups are also available in family packs (600g each) that serve four. Flavours available are Seafood Bisque, Wild Mushroom, Golden Pumpkin, Purple Sweet Potato, Broccoli & Cheddar, Fresh Tomato, Carrot & Coriander, and Red Capsicum.


Beef Burgundy Stew (front; $6.90 for 350g) and Hearty Chicken Stew ($6.90 for 350g). Photo: Huy Pham

If you prefer something more substantial, get the Beef Burgundy Stew ($6.90 for 350g) or Hearty Chicken Stew ($6.90 for 350g), which contain chunks of meat and vegetables (broccoli and carrots).

After microwaving, the soups are just as tasty and comforting as we remember them to be. They are made to last in the chiller for up to 14 days. Freeze them if you plan to keep for longer.


Saybons at #02-43 Junction 8. Photo: Saybons

Saybons is located at #B2-32 Plaza Singapura (tel: 6884-9018), #02-43 Junction 8 (tel: 6258-3138), and #01-24 OUE Downtown (tel: 6222-0980). Opening hours vary.

Visit for more information.

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