Go to the house at 1873 NW 44th St., the Florida Department of Health says, and you could get a tooth pulled for $80. Inside the three-bedroom, two-bathroom home north of Allapattah, Miami-Dade cops say they found a dental chair, two c-ray machines and all manner of dental equipment.

That’s what they took out of the house when they took Karim Selene Cordovarivera out in handcuffs last week on charges of practicing dentistry without a license and possession of prescription drugs with intent to sell or deliver. Cordovarivera got a Department of Health citation fining her $2,984.66.

She posted $10,000 bond on Wednesday.

According to her arrest report, undercover detectives went to Cordovarivera’s house for a molar extraction on Oct. 3. Cordovarivera put one of the detectives in the dental chair and slid on rubber gloves. As she got a dental inspection mirror and began checking out the detective’s mouth and gums, the detective revealed that they were undercover cops.

Along with the equipment, the report says Cordovarivera had numbing agent lidocaine, local anesthetic scandonest, and Opahl topical anesthetic gel.

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