Being new in the film industry, you cannot afford to take for granted your headshots. They are an essential player in making a statement about who you are. That is why you should use services of the most suitable photographer for you if you are serious about your acting dreams.

There are several ways of finding a good photographer to take your headshots Los Angeles.

  • Googling is always easy for everyone.
  • Read review sites such as Yelp.
  • Ask friends, colleagues and even family members who are knowledgeable about photographers.
  • Attend conferences or summits and inquire.


Tips on how to effectively use Google to get a high standard photographer

It is possible that people you know or those you meet in forums lack important information about which photographer can be of help to you. Thanks to the internet, you can always use Google. The problem with using this method is the big chunk of information you come across. That is why you need a guide for a productive Google search. Take all the time you have, it will be worthwhile.


Here is a step-by-step guide to using Google as a source of information about headshots in Los Angeles.

  1. Use several keywords in your search.
  2. Go for sites with the most relevant information.
  3. Take your time to read and go through the photographs to ascertain quality and skill.
  4. Choose sites that have details you are looking for such as price.
  5. Save pages in one document, preferably a spreadsheet.
  6. Compare the photographers’ rates and select one you can afford.

If you follow the steps correctly, you will definitely find a good professional that will give you the best headshots Los Angeles. Do not hurry. You may miss in identifying a worthwhile professional.


Getting the most out of Google

Photographers are all over LA. That is why searching them on Google may take you a while before you get the one you need. Consider spending not more than an hour on your PC or smartphone. The process is simpler if you have the following pointers:

  1. a) You cannot find the perfect photographer if you are lazy. Focus on Google and stay away from distractions and you will get as many photographers as possible
  2. b) Carefully read the information you saved on the spreadsheet. Find the photographer whose work fits what you want your headshots to look like.
  3. c) Go for affordable, good quality headshot services. If you are straining financially, wait and save enough money to get you good shots. Avoid budget headshots, they are not good.
  4. d) Consider getting hair and makeup services. They are worth your money.


The actual headshot shoot



The actual shoot only happens when you do three things:
  1. Contact the photography service provider you selected and whose work you liked.
  2. Make arrangements on how to work together.
  3. Prepare for the shoot.

After you have contacted your desired photographer and scheduled a shooting session, it is time to get the work done.


Get to the site

This is where the shoot will take place. It can be indoors, that is the photographer’s studio, or outdoor at an agreed upon location.

Once on the site, create rapport with the people you are working with. This will make you relax and prepare for the shoot. Feel free to ask questions, speak your mind, and say what you really want your headshots to look like.

However, leave the professional aspects of the shoot up to the photographer, unless you are sure about what you are saying. Then get into the outfit for the shoot. Have your hair and makeup done as well.



Let the photographer do his or her work. Your work is to look good and fabulous. Depending on the locations or studio, have the best looks. Feel comfortable in the clothes and makeup you are wearing. It will not be long before the shoot is over. The least it can take is half an hour but most likely will not exceed two hours.


Final touches

This is when you sit down and go through your photos with your photographer for headshots in Los Angeles. Choose the best. Make sure to have them edited. Get a DVD or flash disk with the number of photos you have chosen. Pay the team and go home a happy client.