3 Main Ways How Gut Health Can Affect Your Sex Drive

3 Main Ways How Gut Health Can Affect Your Sex Drive

Do you know that the health of your digestion system could be the reason you are experiencing low libido? Most of us are not aware of the crucial role that the gut plays in the overall health of our bodies and particularly the sexual life. If you have ever had to deal with some of the gut problems such as acid reflux, constipation or gas, then you have an idea of how important a healthy digestion tract is. The gut microbiome (the collection of bacteria in the digestion system) has a substantial effect on your body functioning including your sex drive. Here are three ways on how gut health affects your sex drive:

• How the connection works

One thing that is clear is the proximity to the digestion system and the sexual system/organs. The happenings in the gut will directly affect the functioning of reproductive organs. Though the primary role of the bacteria in digestions tract is to enhance food digestion, they also produce hormones, enzymes and other components that can affect your sex drive. The most common of them is the serotonin – a neurotransmitter (chemical messenger) produced by the gut microbiome.

Serotonin is a chemical that is critical to the sexual drive, and 90 percent of it is produced by the gut bacterial. The chemical is mostly used as a mood enhancer. If it is produced in low quantities, it will be very difficult for you to have the needed mood for a great sex session and the vice versa. This is one way in which the chemical affects the libido. Serotonin also plays a vital role in enhancing the blood flow in the body including the woman’s genital area. The amount of blood reaching the genital area determines the level of the sex drive.

It is, therefore, clear that serotonin is critical for orgasm particularly to women. The chemical helps in stimulating the nerves to initiate contractions in the genital muscles. If the bacterial in the guts fails to supply adequate levels of serotonin, it will be difficult for a woman to reach orgasm. She may as well experience a lack of sex drive.

• Leaky Gut

This is another way how gut health affects your sex drive. The condition that occurs when the bacteria and other products leak into the bloodstream through the intestinal walls. The condition is mostly referred to as the intestinal permeability. When the body senses the presence of the “foreign materials”, the immune system will be activated for combat. This may lead to severe allergic reactions and in some cases, inflammation of the intestinal walls. A leaky gut may also result in damaging of the intestinal walls. This will keep the bacteria in the digestion tract unable to produce the much need enzymes and chemicals that are essential for hormonal balance and sexual drive including serotonin.

Once the bacteria are inhibited from producing the required levels of serotonin, it will be difficult to attain the maximum levels of sexual drive. Some of the medications such as Aspirin and Acetaminophen are known for contributing to leaky gut. They cause irritation and inflammation of the intestine, and this can eventually develop into a condition. Eating healthier food such as whole meals, olive oil and fish can help in restoring the health of the digestion tract. It is also advisable to avoid such drugs if necessary.

• Antibiotics and the libido


Though antibiotics are very popular for the treatment of various bacterial infections, they can also be disastrous to the gut health. The drugs not only eradicate the harmful bacteria but may also wipe out the beneficial ones. This will have a devastating effect on the production of essential enzymes and chemicals including serotonin. The effects will be poor blood flow or circulation, particularly to the sexual organs. Lack of supply of proper serotonin levels will also mean that nerve stimulation will be less and this will negatively affect the libido.

It is important to note that pathogenic bacteria multiply as a result of taking antibiotics. This will hinder the production of the important chemicals including serotonin thus leading to low libido. The gut microbiome should always be kept in proper balance for a healthy sex life. The use antibiotics must be controlled to ensure that beneficial bacteria do not get eradicated in the process. It is also important to eat a healthy meal, particularly when under antibiotic treatment to ensure a proper balance of the gut bacteria. Please visit heartland nutrients to learn more.

These are three main ways how gut health affects your sex drive. Most of them can be avoided by living a healthy lifestyle and eating healthy.