Have You Heard About These Magnetic Lashes? They Will Change Your Life!

Have You Heard About These Magnetic Lashes? They Will Change Your Life!

If you haven’t yet read about these lashes in your favorite beauty magazine then I’m about to bring you up to speed! Fast! Because these are currently on every beauty editor’s must-have list and they’re about to revolutionize the way we can obtain celebrity-style luscious eyelashes. By making beauty effortless.

Allure crowned these lashes with a Breakthrough Innovative Beauty Product award; Teen Vogue called them “a beauty game-changer,”; Cosmopolitan declared “…where money can actually buy time and happiness”; and Popsugar, “I’m hopelessly addicted to magnetic false lashes and never turning back.”


What are these lashes?!

One Two Lash – extraordinary lashes

By now you can probably tell that One Two Lash are no ordinary false eyelash. To start with, they don’t even use glue. And all false lashes – whether short-lived or extensions – use glue.

One Two Lash are made using only magnetics. Incredible, right?  Be gone complicated, messy techniques. These lashes are so easy that anyone can use them!

By now you are probably thinking, “But how the hell do magnets stay on my eyes? I don’t have a metallic face.” I had the exact same question and it’s really a very clever answer.

One Two Lash are made up of not one, but two, lash strips for each eye. So your natural eyelash is effectively “sandwiched” between two tiny magnetic lash strips. Pretty ingenious!

It’s Katy Stoka that we need to thank for her smarts here. She’s the mastermind behind One Two Lash.

Katy Stoka and One Two Cosmetics

Former real estate developer Katy Stoka was always a chic woman, but a chic woman on a mission. She had no patience for time consuming beauty routines and believed that looking your best shouldn’t be so hard. She also, like many of us, lacked tolerance for false lashes. All that glue, all that mess, and at the end, you sometimes still didn’t leave the house with voluminous eyelashes attached!

One day she envisioned the concept of a magnetic lash and not only set out to make it happen but also designed the patented micro-magnetic technology that the lashes would need to effectively attach themselves. And so One Two Cosmetics was born, launching a quite unmatchable first product (who knows what they’re capable of next!). In fact, One Two Lash are the world’s first magnetic eyelashes! Which are making beauty effortless for all of us.

How do I apply One Two Lash?

Applying One Two Lash is as easy as 1, 2, 3. But of course, like any new makeup, you should allow a little time for a practice run if you have a big occasion looming. Each pair of lashes has its own pair so it will look like 4 lashes in front of you – but that’s two for each eye.

  1. Hold the top One Two Lash (it will be the one without the red dot) over your natural lashes, line it up so the outside edge mirrors the edge of your own natural lash line and then let it just balance there for a moment.
  2. Pick up the bottom One Two Lash (this one is marked with a red dot) and place the bottom lash under your natural lashes, and line it up with the top One Two Lash. When the magnet becomes aligned they will click together, sandwiching your natural lash between them.
  3. Voila! You now look like a supermodel about to hit the runway. Time to get out on the town and make an impact!


Why I love One Two Lash

  •  There’s no mess. One Two Lash use zero glue or any other messy, sticky substances. It’s a completely clean, fool-proof process.
  • They’re reusable. That’s right! Not only are these the best lashes you’re ever going to wear but you can keep on wearing the same pair. Keep them clean, store them safely and remove them with care and they’ll have a good lifespan.
  • They’re safe. We all know the safety of magnets but what we don’t know is the safety behind many glue formulations. Some have even been found to have the potential carcinogen, formaldehyde, in them. Others are filled with toxins that we wouldn’t consume, yet we’ve been happy to put close to one of our most important assets – our eyes. No more!
  • They’re cost-effective. Compared to buying a new pair of false lashes for every event, or shelling out for lash-extension sessions that cost into the hundreds and must be refilled every 2-3 weeks, One Two Lash are a relative bargain. Throw in their reusability factor and they’re even cheaper. In fact, One Two Lash cost less than most products in your makeup bag.
  • They look superb! With three different varieties – Natural, Bold, and Accent – there’s a look that will suit any occasion and all three will leave you with stunning, full lashes.

One Two Lash’s mission statement is “making beauty effortless” and I’m certainly good with that. I’m just going to have to wait patiently now for One Two Eye, One Two Skin and One Two Lip to join the team! They are apparently in the works.