How to Find the Perfect Women Winter Hat

How to Find the Perfect Women Winter Hat

Its school time and time to shop for your kids. You are starting a new job and need winter outer wear. You are looking for a store that sells women winter hats. Fashion is important to you when shopping for a women winter hat. How it fits your face is as important as the warmth it gives you. Furthermore it should complement the coat you wear as well as your outfit.  Including your nail polish.

There are different types of women winter hats.  One of them is the ski hat.  Ski hats are a fan favorite.  They are versatile hats.  They are also homey looking.  You can have a winter ensemble made up of your winter coat, your winter hat, your winter gloves, your ear muffs, your scarf and your boots.  Ski hats come in different colors and are available at outlets and stores.  You can see the ski hat a lot in the areas where it’s very cold and high brisk winter winds where the chill factor makes it a necessity to cover you hears as well as your entire head.  The ski hat which has a little puff ball at the top of the hat does that very well.

More women winter hats are a beanie and a trapper hat and flat cap.  The beanie it is worn with all outfits but mostly in the winter.  Beanies are for heart shaped faces.  Some beanie hats come in pastel colors and some are ribbed.  Some beanies are classified as rollover beanies. They also have the fuzzy knit beanie in black and thermal fleece beanies.  As you can see there is a huge choice to choose from on the one style of women winter hats that is the beanie.

A trapper hat is a winter hat with wings.  You can have a woolen or fur styled hats.  Where do you see them worn at?  Maybe if you go skiing at Aspen or another mountain in Colorado.  Also you may see them worn in colder climates.

Flat caps works with a rounder face.  It’s a baseball cap though.  A flat cap can be worn for work and casual attire.  Many different colors and designs with logos can be found with the flat cap.  Think of a baseball game there you would see a flat cap.  They look quite comfortable and can be worn with any outfit.

The Peruvian style hats are good quality winter hats. The women winter hats known as the Peruvian style hat come as a woolen with fun and colorful patterns. It has two wings that each covers an ear.  The Peruvian style hat is good for any face shape and is versatile.  You know where you would see these- on a night out on the town with a fur or a faux fur coat.

You also have the beret which is good for any wardrobe.   And can be worn in any weather.  But what everyone seems to like about berets is the colors that they come in and how you can pair them with many different outfits and they are normally affordable.  Do you know that a beret can also be worn indoors if you use it as an accessory?  An accessory that has jewels and things.

For those who don’t like women winter hats, ear muffs are good.  Ear muffs come in many different colors and designs.  They can be worn in tandem with a cap, a flat cap, a trapper hat, and beanie and a ski hat.  Some women wear ear muffs with their winter scarves or with a fur hat.  They can match any outfit or winter coat; always a good accessory.

If you are looking to find a place to purchase them, you can go to your local mall, strip mall, outlet mall, local store, Kmart, Annie Sez, Mandees, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Burlington Coat Factory, Kohls and other stores.  You can also go to local flea markets, and fairs to purchase same.  Sometimes people will offer you the same in an Avon book or another sales book.

But remember that the best time to buy this is at the end of the winter sale before time you get real deals. is a store that sells hats on the internet.