Princeton Nutrients VitaPulse Review

Princeton Nutrients VitaPulse Review

Over the last couple of months, VitaPulse has been creating a lot of buzz on the internet. So, exactly what is VitaPulse? Vitapulse is a dietary supplement from Princeton Nutrients, formulated by Dr. Bereliani. This product comes with three powerful antioxidants that help in maintaining low cholesterol levels and proper cardio functions for a healthier heart. Below is our in-depth and unbiased VitaPulse review.  

What is VitaPulse? 

VitaPulse is a vitamin blend nutrient that consists of powerful antioxidants that help in general improvement of your health. This supplement contains three antioxidants namely PQQ, NAC, and CoQ10. As a result of lifestyle changes among other factors, our heart health is at risk of many health problems. Besides improving the health of our heart, the antioxidants included in VitaPulse also gives our body with the much needed antioxidant benefits that help to combat daily stress and other lifestyle changes.  

Antioxidants have a crucial role in our body as they help in eliminating the free radicals that are caused by oxidation. Although oxidation is helpful in our body, some types are harmful. VitaPulse works to reduce the harmful oxidation, giving your body with the following benefits.  

  • Helps in maintaining healthy cardiovascular functioning 
  • Assist your body to protect itself against cellular damage 
  • Boosting mitochondrial health 
  • Assist in reduction of inflammation 
  • Improve cholesterol levels 

As you probably already know, the heart disease is one of the main killer diseases in the U.S. This disease is responsible of killing about one person out of four individual. VitaPulse supplement is formulated to offer you with a daily supplement that will reduce the danger of heart disease as well as reducing the high cholesterol levels.

How does it work? 

VitaPulse works by utilizing the powerful antioxidants. In most cases, antioxidants supplements are formulated using various antioxidants including vitamins C, A, E as well as folic acid. To come up with a more powerful effects to our body, Vitapulse incorporates advanced antioxidants formulas including PQQ, CoQ10 and NAC. Here is a brief introduction of each of these ingredients; 

NAC(N-Acetyl Cysteine) – This ingredient acts a powerful protein building block and it is formulated from l-cysteine amino acid. Recent studies have indicated that this ingredient helps in preventing cancer. Besides this, NAC has shown to have a positive effective when it comes to reducing the homocysteine levels which is one of the symptom of heart disease.  

PQQ (Pyrroloquinoline Quinone) – This is a chemical that is believed to work as an effective antioxidant. It has shown a lot of positive effects in various studies where it has shown to have the ability to lessen the damage in the heart, minimizing the dangers of acute heart attack. Although this chemical is believed to reduce the damage extent in human heart, it does not indicate any preventive heart health benefit. However, it has shown positive results to the recovery of the heart after a heart attack. 

CoQ10 – Studies have shown that CoQ10 has a positive effect in enhancing the look of the skin. It is a popular ingredient used in best selling anti- aging skin creams. Recent studies show that this product will help in boosting metabolism. However, there are other studies that show that it does not have any benefits to the heart.  

Although Vitapulse claims to offer a lot of benefits to the heart, no clinical related research information has been listed to support its claim. We do not dispute the fact that the ingredients used in the formulation are studied but there is no information showing that the product itself has undergone clinical research. For this reason, it is hard to distinctively say whether Vitapulse works or not.

VitaPulse Ingredients 

You can find all the ingredients used to formulate this product at their official sales page: This information gives a detailed overview of every ingredient used in its formulation. Each container comes with 30 capsules, and a person needs to take one pill per day for you to get the benefits.  

How to purchase VitaPulse 

This product is available from and you can purchase it in three packages that include;  

  • One bottle at $49 plus a shipping fee of $6.95  
  • Three bottles at $127 plus Free Shipping 
  • Six bottles at $235 plus Free Shipping 

Vitapulse is also available on Amazon.

Who manufactures VitaPulse? 

This supplement is manufactured by Princeton Nutrients company which is based in Woodland Hills, California. According to it official website, this company claims that its chief health advisor is Dr, Bereliani who is a certified doctor for cardiovascular diseases. Additionally, this company also sells another supplement referred as UltraKrill, which claims to offer a premium omega-3 blend.