Tips to Help You Get the Best Headshots in Los Angeles

Tips to Help You Get the Best Headshots in Los Angeles

In the modern media world, headshots are an important marketing tool for an actor. As an actor, a dynamic headshot could be the difference between acquiring a job or not. In Los Angeles, finding the right professional headshot photographer can be a daunting task. In this article, we provide you with tips that will help you get the best headshots Los Angeles.

Long gone are the days when you had to go from one headshot photographer to the next inquiring about their services. Due to online marketing, the profiles of professional headshot photographers in LA are a few clicks away. However, this does not fully solve your problem as searching in Google for headshot services in LA will give you hundreds of results which will confuse you. To get the best headshot photographer from the results, use the information given in this article.

Ask For Recommendations

If any of your colleagues whether actors, co-workers, or classmates has ever had professional Headshots Los Angeles, ask them for recommendations. If they had a successful session, they will save you a lot of time and hassle by recommending you to their photographer.

Join a Forum

Forums are another way to find recommendations for professional headshot photographers in LA. Here, you will find the pro and cons of a given photographer which will assist you in decision making.

Visit Their Websites

Once you have a number of recommendations, it is time to visit their websites and do some in depth research. You can save relevant information into a spreadsheet such as pricing, location and any other information you deem important.

Decide Your Price Range

In most cases, premium photographers produce the best headshots while cheap photographers will not produce amazing headshots. It is therefore plausible to go for premium services to get your monies worth. Premium Headshots Los Angeles usually go for $400-$1200.

Go Through Their Profiles

In the photographers’ websites, you can go through their profiles to see customer reviews and feedback. It is here that you will see their recent projects and see whether they had the same goals as you.

Give Them a Call

After reducing the pool of photographers, it is time to give them a call and discuss the details and exactly what you need. Once you land a photographer who you are comfortable with, schedule an appointment with them.

Hire a Make-up Artist

Even if you like doing your own make-up, it is advisable to hire a make-up artist. You do not want to have a perfect headshot ruined by few make-up details. By simply describing to them how you would like to look for your photoshoot, a make-up artist will know exactly what to do.

A headshot session is simple and fun if you choose a photographer who knows exactly what you want. If they have done similar projects in the recent past, they can suggest additional things to make the entire session a success.

Attending the Head-shot Session

Once the big day has arrived, ensure you meet you photographer early enough. This will ensure that he has the time he/she needs for the perfect headshot. A headshot can be done in the studio or at a preferred outdoor location. Once you arrive, ensure that the photographer has all the information he needs. This way, he will not be guessing what you want as he already knows.

The Headshot Session

According to your agreed location of headshots, you can have them at one location, several locations or just in the studios. It is worth noting that if you are going to take headshots in different locations, then the price will be a bit higher. In most cases, a headshot session in Los Angeles will last for 30 minutes to two hours unless you need headshots taken in different locations.


What to Expect

After taking several headshots at different positions and angles, the photographer will show you what he will let you go through the various headshots to decide which ones to keep or not. If you need some re-taken, this is the time to ask. Once the session is over, the photographer will give you your photos in a DVD or lash disk. If you opted for the printing package, he/she will the headshots you would like printed.

Remember, the success of a headshot session depends on you and the photographer. Make sure you pose naturally, focus, stay positive and bring out the best in you.