What is the relationship between gut health and sex drive

What is the relationship between gut health and sex drive

Gut disorders such as constipation and a bloated stomach are uncomfortable. They affect every aspect of your life including your sex drive. You may not know how gut health can affect your sex drive unless you have the facts right. The bacteria in the gut is at the core of understanding how sex drive and gut health co-relate. Here are the three facts about the co-relation.


1. Serotonin

The gut ensures food is well digested. However, the bacteria in the gut produce other substances that foster the normal functioning of your body. One of the substances is called serotonin. A large amount of this chemical is secreted by the gut bacteria. It serves to send messages to the brain about your mood. If its level in the gut is low, then you will not be in for sex. If it is high, you will have a thrilling sexual experience. This is enough reason to motivate you in ensuring you have a healthy gut. Take in more vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. Such food will improve your gut health, meaning more serotonin will be secreted and you will have more fulfilling sexual experiences.


When you are a good mood, thanks to serotonin, there is an increased blood flow in your organs, reproductive ones included. This causes excitement, which leads to the contraction and expansion of muscles in the genitals. Sex is good when muscles are that active. Some women have issues getting orgasms because serotonin is low. 

If you have tried several methods of boosting your mood for sex in vain, it is time to look at your diet for any unhealthy gut food. For instance, let dairy products be. Try substitutes such as Greek yogurt, which is dairy free.


2. Leaking gut

A leaky gut derails your sex drive. The bacteria in your gut and the substances they produce should not get into your bloodstream. If they do, then it means you have a leaky gut. Your bloodstream treats the bacteria and the substances as foreign’ matter that needs to be destroyed. Serotonin is part of the foreign matter. When it is destroyed then it means you will have a deficiency. Consequently, you will lack the sex drive you wish for.

As your body attacks the foreign matter, the process could harm your small intestines. Therefore, gut bacteria will have limited space to stay. Whatever substances it produces (such as serotonin) will leak and get destroyed. Your body will not have enough serotonin to give you the required sex drive.

Avoid drugs such as aspirin because they are among the many factors that lead to a leaky gut. They cause swelling of the small intestines, which could develop into a serious complication that will deny you pleasure during sex. Do yourself a favor and eat healthy gut food such as fish.


3. Antibiotics are a no-no 

Antibiotics do no good to your digestive system. Women are prone to infections and the medication given is usually antibiotics. The one disadvantage of these drugs is that they do not know how to differentiate good and bad bacteria in your system. In their quest to treat the infection caused by bad bacteria, they end up killing the good bacteria as well. Now, if the good bacteria that produce serotonin are destroyed, how can you have any sex drive? There will be inefficient blood flow to the genitals, poor nerve stimulation and eventually no sex drive.

Antibiotics are responsible for the increase in disease/infection- causing bacteria. This affects the production of substances such as serotonin causing no or little interest in sex.


How to use antibiotics

Antibiotics are good for your gut when kept at the minimum levels. Only use them when necessary. This way, you reduce the damage antibiotics cause to gut bacteria. The balance of substances in your body will ensure you have a healthy gut and high sex drive. Do not let antibiotics deny you the sex you deserve. Accompany your antibiotics medication with gut-friendly food. It is hard breaking diet routine, but for the sake of your sex drive, it is worth trying. 

With the three factors on how gut health can affect your sex drive, rest assured that you would have an improved sex life. Do not be too hard on yourself. Take one step at a time in changing your eating habits.