Why You Need the PQQ Found in VitaPulse from Princeton Nutrients

Why You Need the PQQ Found in VitaPulse from Princeton Nutrients

There are a lot of beneficial ingredients found in VitaPulse from Princeton Nutrients, including one you might not be familiar with. PQQ, which is short for pyrroloquinoline quinone, has been shown in several studies to help improve overall health. Here’s some information on PQQ, including what it is and why you need as much as you can get.

PQQ – The Basics

PQQ is a vital component of cells, helping ensure they function correctly. This molecule plays a role in helping stimulate various reactions within the body, acting in much the same way as an engine powers a car. PQQ also helps protect us from a wide variety of illnesses because of how it keeps cells healthy and strong.

But PQQ also serves as an antioxidant, helping us fight off the effects of oxidation. While this process is extremely important to the body, in some cases it can actually hurt us. One way oxidation is harmful is through the production of excess free radicals. These are molecules that help us in many ways – unless we have too many of them. When this happens, that can start a chain reaction that can eventually cause many types of severe diseases. PQQ helps reduce the amount of oxidation in the body, and as a result, helps ensure the number of free radicals in the body remains in check.

PQQ powers the mitochondria, which organisms that, in turn, give cells the fuel they need to do their jobs. If there isn’t enough PQQ in the mitochondria, this can lead to metabolism problems that can affect the nervous system, digestive system and major organs. PQQ, researchers believe, helps to regenerate the formation of mitochondria in aging cells.1 It was previously thought that the only ways we could reduce the effects of aging in cells were through exercise and following a proper diet.

How PQQ Helps the Body

While you can get PQQ in many different types of food, including parsley, green peppers, kiwi and others, the most convenient way to ensure you get what you need is through taking a supplement such as VitaPulse from Princeton Nutrients.

Solid scientific evidence shows that PQQ can provide substantial health benefits. For example, one study involving nearly 20 participants showed that PQQ could help reduce how long it takes for people to fall asleep. During the two-month study, the participants took 20 milligrams of PQQ in capsule form each day. Not only did they show a significant improvement in how long they slept, but also the quality of their sleep.2

Researchers also believe that PQQ helps stimulate the development of CREB, a protein that, among other things, helps to make sure that our body’s DNA works correctly. CREB also has a major effect on long-term memory, which has led scientists to investigate whether PQQ could help inhibit certain neurodegenerative conditions. One study indicates that PQQ might be able to slow the growth of alpha-synuclein, a harmful protein that has been linked to the development of Parkinson’s disease.3

Other Ingredients in Vita Pulse from Princeton Nutrients

In addition to PQQ, VitaPulse from Princeton Nutrients also contains NAC (N-acetyl-cysteine) and CoQ10 (Coenzyme 10). NAC acts as an antioxidant, which helps protect the body from the often-harmful effects of oxidation. Antioxidants help ensure that oxidation doesn’t create an excess of free radicals, which are molecules that, in some instances, can lead to the development of serious diseases. CoQ10 is an enzyme that has been associated with improved cardiovascular functioning and other benefits.

The best thing about VitaPulse is that there’s no risk involved with taking the supplement. Princeton Nutrients backs VitaPulse – as well as all its other products – with a full money back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, simply return the bottle within 90 days of buying it and you’ll receive a full refund with no hassles.

A lot of people who have taken VitaPulse say they’ve not only experienced an increase in overall energy, they’ve also reported lower cholesterol levels. While the chances are very good that you’ll see benefits as well, make sure you talk to your doctor first before taking this or any other supplement.